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Peter Hungerbuhler is co-owner and manager of JPH Properties. He is a native and lifetime resident of North Atlanta where he began learning the building industry hands-on while still in high school.

After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Accounting, Peter joined Jeff A. Hedden Builders as a superintendent in 1992. He then managed the building operations of J. Nell Properties before forming JPH Properties with Evelyn Hedden in 1997. Each of these companies is associated with Cotton States Properties, one of the leading residential developers in metro Atlanta

Peter and Evelyn have established a reputation for innovation, quality and attention to detail. This has produced many satisfied homeowners in developments such as Chadds Ridge, Princeton Ridge, Princeton Square, Chestnut Hill, Savanna Estates and Addie’s Pond.

“Listen to what the customer is saying. Find out what their needs are. Be responsive to their lifestyle and offer them plan options that will benefit them day-to-day. And, offer the highest quality available as far as craftsmanship, materials and innovation. It’s a commitment to them and to the future of the community and something we stand firmly behind,” stated Peter.

Peter and Evelyn have built a team of professionals committed to using all available methods to provide a personalized experience for each new homeowner. After all, bringing people home is what JPH Properties is all about.

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